Appeals to Visa Refusals and Cancellation


If your visa has been refused or cancelled you may have the right to appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal - Migration and Refugee Division (AAT). They review decisions made by officers of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or the Department of Home Affairs to refuse or cancel visas.  They can also review decisions relating to approval and cancellation of sponsorship and nomination.

AAT Application fee


When an appeal is lodged you must pay an application fee of A$1,787 to the AAT. This fee may be reduced by 50% if they are satisfied that payment of the fee is likely to cause severe financial hardship. Please note that if you receive a favorable decision on your case they will refund 50% of the full application fee.

Appeal time limits

There are strict timelines for appealing to the AAT. You must lodge your application for review within the time limit stated in your letter from the Department containing their decision. If you do not apply within this time limit, the AAT will not be able to consider your application for review. The AAT does not have any power to extend the time limit.

AAT processing times


The table below lists the AAT processing times for decisions made between 1/05/18 and 31/10/18

Case category                                         Decisions        Within 365 days    Average Days

Bridging                                                           221                         99%                         38
Visitor                                                               715                        77%                        245
Student refusal                                            2,284                        31%                        393

Temporary work                                             634                        43%                        395
Permanent business                                      552                        49%                        386
Skill linked                                                        596                        74%                        240
Partner                                                          1,282                        28%                        488
Family                                                               214                        38%                        459           
Student cancellation                                      315                        42%                        396
Nomination/Sponsor approval                    943                        36%                        456
Protection                                                     2,087                        50%                        405
Other                                                                  79                         87%                       157

If you are onshore during the processing period you will  normally get a Bridging Visa which will have the same conditions as your previous visa. This allows you to remain in Australia for as long as the appeal takes to be processed. Requests for priority processing on compelling grounds can be submitted.

Visa Pro Cost


The cost of Visa Pro  providing legal representation for an appeal to the AAT depends on the complexity of your matter. As a general indication a straightforward case is typically $5000. Please contact us to discuss your case.